The Woolworths Ltd Supermarket Dinners
Sunday 11 Jan 2009

In September 2007 Telstra Dome Functions hosted what’s believed to be the biggest ever sit down banquet in the Southern Hemisphere.

Over two-nights, eight thousand staff and clients of Woolworths were wined and dined under the famous Telstra Dome retractable roof, and on the same arena normally reserved for the nation's sports stars.

The Telstra Dome team set up five thousand metres of flooring to protect its all-important turf - that is almost half the playing field.

The set up for the event required 500 tables, a whopping 10,000 wine glasses, and about as many knives as forks.

More than 50 chefs headed a team of 400 food and beverage staff, including waiters, bar staff and other kitchen assistants.


Telstra Dome Chief Executive, Mr Ian Collins CEO said the success of the two nights was a tribute to the combined creativity and efforts of the set up team.

He said the overall finish was absolutely sensational and for those who witnessed it, quite surreal.

Mr Collins said Telstra Dome was becoming a focus for such events mainly because it was the only venue in the Southern Hemisphere, which could accommodate indoor dining for such vast numbers.