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Green Policy
Etihad Stadium's Environmental Initiatives

Etihad Stadium is committed to being an environmentally conscious venue and is currently undertaking several projects to minimise its impact on climate change. Moreover, Etihad Stadium Management is continually striving to develop and implement new initiatives to ensure the venue not only fulfils its environmental responsibilities but also maintains its reputation as an industry leader in environmental awareness and policy.

In light of today’s precarious water situation and ensuing State Government-imposed water restrictions, all sporting and entertainment facilities in Victoria are being placed under enormous scrutiny to be prudent with their water use.

Fittingly, Etihad Stadium has entered into a relationship with City West Water (CCW) to curb its water use through harvesting storm water from the venue’s famous retractable roof. The implementation of this water saving initiative will see large amounts of storm water collected and stored in corrugated iron tanks and then distributed to specific areas throughout the Stadium.

With 17 water tanks through out the venue, Etihad Stadium has the ability to store up to 1 million litres of harvested water at any one time. It is hoped, depending on rainfall, that the venue will harvest between 15 and 20 millions litres per year, greatly reducing the stadium’s reliance on drinking water.

The harvested water is used throughout Etihad Stadium, including bathrooms, back of house areas and to irrigate the playing field.

Furthermore, the water saving initiative contains a water-recycling component that will enable significant amounts of water used for equipment ‘wash downs’ to be stored, treated and then reused.

Etihad Stadium’s cleaning contractor, TJS, has clear recycling policies in place to ensure all waste items are disposed of correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Split waste stations and large colour coded rubbish bins (general waste/recyclable waste) are strategically positioned throughout the whole venue to encourage Etihad Stadium employees and patrons to dispose of their waste in a best practice manner.

In addition to this, MSL’s Arena Management team, who are responsible for the upkeep of the playing surface, have sourced a specialised recycling bin designed for the disposal of empty fertiliser containers.

Etihad Stadium is determined to remain vigilant in its environmental duty and has identified a number of key areas in which it can better use its resources and reduce its environmental impact.

Etihad Stadium has engaged Sustainability Victoria to review its cardboard recycling practices, with a view to improve and maximise its recycling potential in all food outlets and back of house locations.

Etihad Stadium, now more than ever, is very mindful of its civic responsibility to deliver a business model that is environmentally conscious and sustainable.