One Direction 'On the Road Again' Tour

February 5, 2015

The world's biggest band, ONE DIRECTION, will perform two concerts at Etihad Stadium as part of their incredible stadium tour 'On the Road Again'.

The concerts will take place on February 14 & 15, 2015.

Tickets are  on sale!

Event Day Entry Information

Running Times:

3.00pm: Locker Room Café and Beer garden will open at Gate 2. This is a non-ticketed area all night via Locker Room Beer Garden.

3.00pm: Merchandise Sales available on external concourse

5.30pm: Public Gates Open

6.15pm - 6.35pm: Samantha Jade

7.00pm - 7.40pm: McBusted

8.10pm - 10.15pm: One Direction

*Please note these times are an approximate indication and subject to change

Gate Opening Times and Entry Procedures:

Reserved Floor Seating

Patrons with tickets for the Arena Seating are recommended to enter at the following gates:

Section A1, A2, A3, A4 | Best Gate: 1 | Access via Aisles 9 &10

Section A5, A6, A7, A8 | Best Gate: 3 | Access via Aisles 39 & 40

Section B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 | Best Gate: 1 | Access via Aisles 11, 12 & 13

Section B6, B7, B8, B9 | Best Gate: 3 | Access via Aisles 36, 37 & 38

Section C1, C2 | Best Gate: 7 | Access via Aisles 16 & 17

Section C3, C4, C5 | Best Gate: 5 | Access via Aisles 32 & 33

Section D1, D2, D3 | Best Gate: 7 | Access via Aisles 16 &

Section D4, D5, D6, D7 | Best Gate: 5 | Access via Aisles 32 & 33

Stadium Seating Bowl

Patrons with tickets located in the stadium’s seating bowl and able to enter at any gate.

Camera Policy:

Professional cameras (cameras which have a detachable lens) and single purpose video or recording devices are strictly prohibited.

Ticketing & Packages

Please note, tickets cannot be scanned via mobile devices, patrons must print their ticket prior to arriving at the venue.

Ticket Collection:

Pre-purchased tickets can be collected from the Gate 3 ticket windows from 3.00pm on the day of the event or Gate 7 ticket windows from 4.30pm.

Hot Ticket Package

Hot Ticket Package holders can collect their merchandise from the Gate 5 Ticket Booth at Etihad Stadium at the following times:

  • Friday 13 February: 3pm – 7pm
  • Saturday 14 February: 4pm – 7pm
  • Sunday 15 February: 4pm – 7pm

To collect your Hot Ticket merchandise, you will need to present your Ticketmaster ‘Hot Ticket’ and a form of identification (driver's license, school ID card or credit card used to purchase the Hot Tickets). 1 ticket = 1 merchandise pack. Your ticket will then be marked to show that you have collected your merchandise.

If you are collecting your Hot Ticket on the day, you will need to provide one of the below:

  • Photo ID matching the name of the Hot Ticket transaction
  • The Credit Card used to purchase the Hot Tickets
  • If the person who originally purchased the Hot Ticket/s is unable to attend to collect the tickets you will need to get a letter of authorisation authorising you to collect the Hot Ticket/s on their behalf

There will be queues so to avoid delays and disappointment please get in early.

Catwalk & On The Road Again Functions

The Catwalk and On the Road Again Package holder function commences at 5.15pm.

  • Entry is via Victory North Promenade (Between Gates 8 & 9, opposite Channel 7)
  • Guests will scan and register before entering the Victory Room for the function.
  • Merchandise to be collected inside the function room.
  • Function concludes at 7.00pm

Queuing Policy:

Gates will open at 5.30pm. Please note for the safety of patrons we will not allow queuing outside the stadium at any entry point prior to 3pm. Those who do attempt to queue will be moved on by security. As the show is a fully reserved seated event, there is no need for fans to arrive at the venue in the morning of the event. We recommend fans arrive at the venue well rested and well hydrated to ensure you are refreshed and ready to enjoy the concert.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please see the Conditions of Entry page in the ‘Stadium’ section of Etihad Stadium’s website for a comprehensive and specific list of entry terms and conditions and prohibited items.

You and/or your possessions may be subject to a safety and security search upon entry. Any prohibited item should not be brought to the venue. Some items can be cloaked (eg professional cameras), but others may be confiscated & will not be returned, replaced or reimbursed. The movement of patrons on the Etihad Stadium site is subject to monitoring by security cameras.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Professional cameras (any camera that has a detachable lens) or single purpose recording devices
  • 'Selfie Sticks' or any equipment that may hinder another fans view of the stage
  • Glass bottles and cans
  • Laser pointers and flash lights
  • Weapons, fireworks or air horns of any description
  • Inflatable beach balls and balloons
  • Frisbees
  • Poles / sticks even when used as part of a banner or sign
  • Glow-sticks: liquid / chemical

Banners & Signs

Fans will not be allowed entry with signs which include the following materials:

  • wooden posts
  • hard materials such as wood, nails or screws
  • points or sharp edges

Please note that there is to be no foul language used in any banner or sign brought into the venue by fans.

Banners and signs are to be kept to an A3 size for the One Direction concert to ensure that all fans can enjoy the performance and the view of those around them is not obstructed.


Please note, for the safety of the band, gifts are not to be thrown onto the stage at any time pre or during the band’s performance. No gifts are to be brought inside the venue. All gifts are to be left at the blue booth outside Gate 5 where it will then be given to the band’s team. 


External merchandise outlets will open at 3pm on the external concourse at Gate 2, Gate 5 and Gate 7.

Internal merchandise outlets will be located at:

  • Level 1: Aisles 23, 35 and 43 as well as Victory room A & B Aisle 11. 
  • Level 2: Aisle 30 (Night 1 only)
  • Level 3: Aisle 30 (Night 1 only)

Please note there will also be roving program sellers on the arena.

Patrons under 12 years of age

Patrons under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian .

Roof Status

The roof will be open for the One Direction concert.

Scan-Out Policy:

Patrons can scan out at Gates 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 and re-enter at those Gates. Patrons must have a valid admission ticket to scan out and re-enter the venue.

Smoking Policy:

Etihad Stadium is a smoke-free venue. Patrons are not permitted to smoke inside the venue, including on the arena and within the underground car park. Patrons caught smoking within the venue can be ejected and/or fined.
Patrons can scan out at Gates, 1, 3, 5 and 7. Patrons are permitted to smoke in designated areas of the external concourse.

Alcohol Policy:

Alcohol is not permitted on the external concourse of Etihad Stadium at any time. Patron’s queuing for access to the concert will not be permitted to drink or possess alcohol. Alcohol will be sold inside the venue and is permitted on the arena.

Disabled Access:

Wheelchair patrons with tickets for the arena can make their way to Gate 6, Level 1 and be escorted to the arena.

ATM Locations:

There will be limited ATM facilities available on the event day. Patrons are encouraged to bring cash to avoid queues and delays.
Etihad Stadium’s ATMs are located at:
LiveWire at Gate 2 - external to venue (next to sliding doors) and internal near stairs
Level 1 – outside at Gate 2 and inside at Gate 1, Gate 2 and Gate 7
Level 2 – Aisle 6
Level 3 – Aisles 8 and 32


Cloaking will be available outside Gate 5.

Car Parking:

Etihad Stadium’s undercover car park will be open. A parking rate of $30 applies.

Drop off and Pick Up Zones

La Trobe Street Zone

Pre-event: Parents will be able to drop off their children at the La Trobe Street entrance to the venue (Gate 7).

Post-event: La Trobe Street will be closed to non-event related traffic. Parents will be able to pick up their children from the La Trobe Street side of the venue. If your child is not ready to be picked up, we ask parents to complete a loop so other parents can pick up their children.

Please be mindful that trams will still be operating on La Trobe Street.

Car Park Zone

A drop off and pick up zone will be located on Level B3, entry via Car Park A (Bourke Street side of venue). Parents will be permitted to drop off their children and exit the car park free of charge. This will be managed by the Car Park staff via the entry and exit lanes. 

Food & Beverage Information

The Locker Café, on Gate 2, will be transformed into a Parent Zone and will be open to welcome you from 3.00pm – it’s a public bar so it can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you have a ticket for the “On the Road Again” tour or not. This area will include an outdoor bar which offers a range of drinks, from the classic Absolut Vodka Sunrise to creative mocktails & refreshing beers. Along with a cold drink, enjoy some Quesadillas from our pop-up cart. Ideal waiting spot for the parents, the Café will be offering fresh aromatic coffees, loose leaf teas, delicious light meals and snacks in addition to the Absolut Bar.

Axcess One located on Level 2, Gate 5 will also be open with a large range of premium drinks on offer and featuring a selection of Quesadillas. If the atmosphere is too hot, ice-cream and slushies will be just the right option to cool you down.

Don’t forget to stop by the Victory Room. Just off the Arena on Level 1, this bar will be open from 5.30pm, enjoy some Tacos and a range of ice-creams from our carts while browsing the One Direction merchandise. Along with a large selection of premium drinks, non-alcoholic slushies will be available for the younger fans.

Please note, if you do not have the appropriate ID to present to prove you are 18 and over, you will not be able to purchase alcohol. Also, it is illegal to purchase for someone else who is under-18 and if anyone is found doing so then both parties will be ejected from the venue.

We accept the following forms of ID:

  • Australian driver licence
  • Victorian learner permit
  • Proof of age card
  • Keypass card
  • Australian or foreign passport 

Lost and Found:

Contact Etihad Stadium on (03) 8625 7700 or via email at to enquire about lost or found items.

Event Information Sheet 

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