One Direction 'On the Road Again' Tour

October 17, 2014

The world's biggest band, ONE DIRECTION, will perform two concerts at Etihad Stadium as part of their incredible stadium tour 'On the Road Again'.

The concerts will take place on February 14 & 15, 2015.

Tickets are now on sale!

The ‘On The Road Again’ 2015 Tour will see One Direction play songs from their latest 2 x platinum album, Midnight Memories, as well as songs from their 3 x platinum Take Me Home and their 4 x platinum debut album, Up All Night.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please see the Conditions of Entry page in the ‘Stadium’ section of Etihad Stadium’s website for a comprehensive and specific list of entry terms and conditions and prohibited items.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Professional cameras (any camera that has a lens longer than a three inches) or single purpose recording devices
  • Glass bottles and cans
  • Laser pointers and flash lights
  • Weapons, fireworks or air horns of any description
  • Inflatable beach balls and balloons
  • Frisbees
  • Poles / sticks even when used as part of a banner or sign

Banners & Signs

Fans will not be allowed entry with signs which include the following materials:

  • wooden posts
  • hard materials such as wood, nails or screws
  • points or sharp edges

Please note that there is to be no foul language used in any banner or sign brought into the venue by fans.

Banners and signs are to be kept to an A3 size for the One Direction concert to ensure that all fans can enjoy the performance and the view of those around them is not obstructed.


Will there be packages available for sale for this tour?
Yes, there will be packages available for the tour.

Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, patrons under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Are there seat maps available?
Yes, seat maps for all venues will be available shortly on the One Direction 2015 event pages on the Ticketmaster website:

How much are tickets?
Hot Ticket - $299.00* Includes a reserved seat ticket with one of the closest views to the main stage and B stage. The package includes your ticket, a 1D wrist watch with pouch, a laminate card and lanyard.
A Reserve – $179.00*
B Reserve – $139.90*
C Reserve - $99.90*
*Transaction fees, processing fees and other charges may apply.

Can I select my seats?
The Ticketmaster website works on a "best available" seating system. This means that at the time you make your ticket request, the best available seats will be offered to you
If you are booking via the Ticketmaster Call Centre or a Ticketmaster agency, subject to availability and demand, you can request a specific seating location. However, as demand for tickets is expected to be very high, it is unlikely that you will obtain the specific seating that you request. We recommend that you ask for a best available ticket offer.

Will there be a standing area?
No – all tickets will be allocated seating, including the floor area. Please be aware patrons sitting in the floor sections may stand during the performance. At times the performing artist may encourage the audience to stand.

I bought my ticket from a non-authorised ticketing seller/scalper. Will my ticket be valid for the show?
The selling of tickets via non-authorised sellers is a breach of the conditions of sale of that ticket and those doing so are knowingly breaching this policy. The promoter and the venue have the right to refuse your entry. Buying tickets from non-authorised sellers is an enormous risk, as the buyer frequently has no security or avenues of recourse if a tour is postponed or cancelled.

We are aware that some people sell tickets on eBay & other online auction sites. Ticketmaster cannot guarantee that these tickets are legitimate, nor can we guarantee that they have not been cancelled. Ticketmaster recommend that you do not buy tickets from unauthorised sellers.

I’ve lost my ticket! Can I replace it?
Yes. The person who booked them will need to contact Ticketmaster on 136 100. They will be able to organise replacement tickets to be collected at the event.

I’ve damaged my ticket/ it has faded over time and it’s no longer readable, do I need to replace it?
Your tickets will remain valid for the appropriate concert date. Any tickets that have been damaged can be replaced at the event. If unsure, please have the original ticket purchaser contact Ticketmaster on 136 100

My ticket has been stolen, what can I do?
The original purchaser should contact Ticketmaster 136 100 and they will be able to organise replacement tickets to be collected at the event.

Who are the support acts and what time will the concerts start?
The start time will be as printed on your ticket. Support acts will be announced closer to the performance dates. You should also check for any updates on show and gate opening times closer to the show date.

Mobility Restricted Details:

Etihad Stadium:
Please call the Ticketmaster Contact Centre if you have 'Wheelchair, Companion Card or Special Needs' booking requirements or are otherwise unable to complete a ticket purchase on-line.

Car parking is available underneath the stadium and there is a quantity of parking spaces available to patrons with special needs. These can be booked via Ticketmaster at or by calling 136 100.


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